Will we see the day a maintained java/bedrock api's exist?

Over the last 6 years of running a bukkit/spigot/paper server it has become harder and harder to get new players, there are less of them playing. Just looking over server listing websites lower playercounts are insisting that java minecraft is dying, just as Microsoft intended. While the big servers will live on even after the eula, the smallers servers are struggling terribly.

However there are many many minecrafters on other platforms playing the so called “bedrock edition”. Many of which are limited to basic mcpe minigame servers or the newer yet still basic bedrock servers. Oh and the useless realms. I used to think many new bedrock based api’s would replace java servers entirely one day. But with the introduction of datapacks it leveled them out a bit more on a scale of customization. At this point the only holdback is waiting on someone to release a maintained java api that accepts java and bedrock clients.

There has been a few attempts to make a api that allows bedrock and java clients to join java servers. However none of them have maintained their work. DragonProxy is still abandoned on 1.12. I fully understand it is insanely inefficient and insanely hard to code a java api that also accepts bedrock users but I fear within the next 5 years if it doesnt happen java servers will become irrelevant to the minecraft community. Especially if Microsoft keeps releasing java updates 4 months behind bedrock.

Will we ever see the day spigot or paper adds bedrock client support?

An I the only one with these thoughts or ideas?

Spigot/Paper are modifications to the vanilla server software, not reimplementations from scratch which is an entirely different ball game and much more time consuming; There are projects like NukkitX which intend to add an API, but as the game moves on, things like nukkit are just going to fall behind

There is no real way that I could see somebody re-implementing the server publically with an API without it being some hobby time vs “lets create something serious”

Well now with mojang/Microsoft releasing their bedrock server api hopefully adding an java plugin hook onto it will one day be a lot more easy. Where before it really did have to come from scratch like the older mcpe servers.

ProtocolSupportPE allows you to join a Java server with a Bedrock client. It is still extremely experimental, however, but it is actively developed.

I don’t see a unified Bedrock/Java server implementation happening. Minecraft is too much of a moving target nowadays. Even the independent implementations like Glowstone and Cuberite haven’t yet moved past 1.12.2, and even then only partially support most Minecraft features.