Turn your server up to 11.

Paper is the next generation of Minecraft servers, compatible with Spigot plugins, offering uncompromising performance.

Why use Paper?

Whether you're an administrator looking to boost your server performance or a developer looking for more functionality, Paper is ready for you.


It's stupidly fast.

Paper contains numerous improvements and optimizations resulting in a significant increase in performance. Paper also includes the next version of Timings, enabling you to quickly find out what's slowing down your server.

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An active and growing community.

Paper has an active and growing community of server administrators and developers. Got problems? Come talk with us on Discord and get real time support. Want to contribute? Submit a pull request and get it reviewed this century.

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An expanded API.

Paper extends and improves the Bukkit and Spigot APIs so that you and your developers have more features and functionality at your fingertips. All the meanwhile, Paper retains compatibility with plugins written for Spigot and Bukkit.

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Support Us

PaperMC has various recurring expenses, mostly related to infrastructure. Paper uses Open Collective via the Open Source Collective fiscal host to manage expenses. Open Collective allows us to be extremely transparent, so you can always see how your donations are used.

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