Why is "disable-unloaded-chunk-enderpearl-exploit" set to true by default?

Since mojang changed ender pearl behaviour in bubble columns in release 1.16.2, ender pearl stasis chambers can now be considered intended behaviour.

Ender pearl stasis chambers are devices which many people build on servers, and they only add 1 entity. Now that they are intended behaviour I don’t see why the “game-mechanics.disable-unloaded-chunk-enderpearl-exploit” setting should be true by default.

Can anyone explain this to me?

just because mojang added something that makes it even easier doesnt mean its intended behavior.

Regardless, paper fixes exploits, regardless of mojangs intent. There is a config for it if you wish to allow an exploit.

My question is why do you consider it to be an exploit?

As far as I know, it allows you to teleport into locations that are normally not accessabel, e.g. thru walls, because the server can not check collision in unloaded chunks.

I might be wrong however, we have enderpearls disabled altogether.

On servers that do not allow free form teleportation, it is not standard gameplay for players to be able to teleport an inventory full of goods 100k blocks instantly avoiding all the risk of travel.

If a server does allow free form teleporting, then yes it’s a moot issue.

But the point is that it is standard gameplay now. Mojang decided that when they made ender pearls affected by bubble columns. That’s why it should be true by default, and false only if the server owner decides so.

Besides, its a fairly balanced feature. Ender pearls are expendable only once players reach the mid game, where they may have an enderman farm, Piglin bartering, or villagers and emeralds. And it’s not like a straight up /tp command, where you can teleport anywhere, any time. An Ender Pearl stasis chamber only works if another player is there to trigger your Ender Pearl, or if you’ve set up a chunk loader with a timer to summon you back.

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I’ve got to concur, here — it took me forever to figure out why this wasn’t working, then I find out the server’s altering vanilla gameplay.

I get (and appreciate!) stopping exploits such as dupes and bedrock-breaking by default; but I think it’s more surprising to, without any confirmation, break mechanics that were added in 1.16.2.

If some server admins want to prohibit particular aspects of gameplay, but don’t want to use a plugin to do so, I can understand baking a feature or 2 into the main software — but there are much-more-objective “exploits” extant, such as AFK fishing with vanilla client and no macros (edit: not nerfed in recent minecraft versions), to look into before pushing opinions on ender pearl stasis chambers’ balance onto unsuspecting server admins.

First off, I don’t see how you can argue that a machine built for fishing (which has already been nerfed by Mojang in newer versions) is objectively an exploit but this isn’t. The fishing farm uses a fishing pole to catch fish automatically, while this uses an item intended to teleport short distances to teleport insanely large ones instead - much more of an “exploit.”

Secondly, if you want to talk about what this does to “unsuspecting server admins,” I think a lot more of them will not have known about the “trick” and not want it being used then those who already know about it and want it, who simply have to change a config option.

Any server admin that doesn’t want this is going to take a lot longer (if they ever do at all) to find out it’s being exploited, discover how it works, and find and enable the configuration for it then it would take for a player to report it as not working to said admin and have the admin look up how to disable the fix.

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