Who already tested 1.15 on a server with 25+ players?

I wanna know, 1.15 encreases tps, or not.
On 1.14.4, I have10-15 tps with 25-30+ players online, what about 1.15?

Okay, I tested it myself and got around 13-15 tps with 20+ players…
My timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=6418c48ecf4547028a5b3d75ddf7a8a7


Tested, 80 players, TPN in the region of 20, did not notice lags.

How many tps it was on 1.14.4?


Might you give your timings?

I would remove Clearlag, it can cause more issues than it fixes.

Read and follow this Performance Guide [https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/283181/ ]

Are you using a 1.14.4 world or did you generate a new world?
If you updated did you start the server with --forceUpgrade


Im using the old map from 1.12.2 and I updated my server without force update. I use clear lagg only for limit mobs per chunk, other functions are disabled

Are you able to make a backup then update your world to 1.13 with --forceUpgrade then 1.14 with forceUpgrade then finnaly 1.15. I’m not entirely sure of the 1.13. I have notice fixes with on 1.14 and 1.15. Of couse it may be too late.


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