TPS loss paper 545


Here is a timing spark and paper :slight_smile:

paper :
spark :

Does anyone have an idea why I have so much TPS loss ? My server is on Java 11, 4 cores at 4Ghz 8Gb of ram.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Looking at the timings report, it looks like your timingcost is 340. You would want this number to be below 200. Your high timingcost is an indication that your cpu is slow or overloaded. Other than that, I don’t see any major issues.

HI !

From what my host told me the CPU is dedicated. So I shoudl’nt have a slow CPU at 4Ghz.

I tried a sample with spark and the cpu is saturated at 100% as when I look on my host’s pannel I am around 70-90%.
Who is right ?

Maybe there is an other explanation ?

Spark measures cpu time which is different from cpu usage. The panel will show you the actual cpu usage. However, both are pretty useless for measuring performance.

You told me your cpu’s clock speed, but not the name of the actual cpu. There’s a lot more that matters than clock speed. What’s the name of your cpu?

Thank you very much for your reply !

I understand I will trust the value from the host than.

The host doesn’t share information about which CPU is used. Only clock speed :confused: