Tps loss 1.16.5

Hi !

Here is my timings :

I have a lot of tps loss, maybe you know why ?

Thanks in advance for your reply :slight_smile:

You are using CMS garbage collector, which is deprecated and removed in newer Java releases. You should upgrade to Java 11 at least and use the Aikar’s startup flags. (https://mcflags.emc.gc)

If you don’t want to upgrade into Java 11 and stay on Java 8 (which Paper will refuse to start after MC 1.17), you can at least update to latest Java 8 release. You are using Java 1.8.0_275 but the latest is 1.8.0_281 (or 282 for OpenJDK)

If it is still not resolved after using Java 11 and Aikar flags, then you might want to look in logs to find any watchdog freeze thread dumps for finding the cause of the freeze. Other than that, you might also upgrade your Linux kernel. However, this is an advanced process. I mentioned it on another post of mine.