The plugin PremiumVanish and LibsDisguise stops working

The plugin premiumvanish and libsdisguise stop working when i install paper.
My plugin list:
Libs Disguise error log:

I use paperspigot version: git-Paper-652 (MC 1.13.2)
The error is because paper dont have bungeeapi that these plugins need. (I dont use bungeecoord)

Any idea to fix it and the plugins works again?

Spigot doesn’t have the bungee API either, that’s either a bug in the plugin or you have the wrong thing installed

Any way to fix it?

I’ve had this happen to me before. Unfortunately, this is the way the plugins are designed. You need BungeeCord for them to work it seems, so either the developer has to come out with something which doesn’t use the BungeeAPI, or you’ll need to find another plugin.

PremiumVanish works with Spigot but fails to load on Paper.

For support with premium plugins, you would need to speak to the plugin author, We can’t even try to test the plugin ourself given that we don’t own them; If the plugin works fine on Spigot, it should work fine on paper too; If you have information, e.g. logs; which can point to a paper issue, we can look into it, but there ain’t much we can do with stuff we can’t see

I understand, just saying that it works on Spigot but I don’t have more logs than OP provided.