[SOLVED]Join only with Domain and not with port

I’m trying to set up a Waterfall proxy, but I’m stuck at one point. When you connect to all this fancy minecraft servers you only need the domain and not the port too.
How can I do this, too? If I remove the port from the host in the config.yml file, Waterfall sets the port to the standard port and I can’t join with the Domain only.

Thank you for your help!

You need what’s called an SRV record, or Service record. You’d configure it something like this:

SRV Record:

Type: SRV
Name: The name (e.g. play.example.com, name is "play")
Service: _minecraft
Protocol: TCP
TTL: Auto (ASAP)
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: Port
Target: The full name of the A record (e.g. whatever.example.com if your A record name is "whatever")

A Record:

Type: A
Name: Anything, preferrably not your SRV record's name though
Address: The IP address of your server, without the port (e.g.
TTL: Auto
Proxied: DNS Only (if using CloudFlare it is important to have this set)

So registered the SRV Record many hours ago and it’s still not working. If I want to join the server, a message appears saying: Unknow Host.

My records look like this:
A record:
SRV record:
Is something with it?

I cant’t set TTL to auto.

This is what my CloudFlare setup looks like. Bear in mind that CloudFlare has no support for SRV records, I am only using it as a domain manager in this case.
Name is the name of the subdomain, in this case ‘mc’.
I assume ‘Daten’ means Target, which points to the full A record, in this case ‘mc.domainname.com
Service should be _minecraft.
TTL is just a nameserver cache thing that tells local resolvers how long they should wait before fetching a new record. 86400 is in seconds and means 24 hours which is fine.
Weight is irrelevant in this case.

Yours seems to use both play.example.com as well as minecraft.example.com. I assume you only want one of these.

I recommended he use something that isn’t the same as the A record to avoid confusion. (That’s why he has minecraft.example.com and play.example.com)

Sorry for the late reply. I found a Tutorial on my hoster’s website few weeks ago, how to create SRV-Records.

Here is the link for the english version:

and the german version:

at the end of both sites is a example how to create a SRV-Record for minecraft.

Using now velocity as proxy, can do the same without creating a SRV-Record.