Signatures (Dumbass 15 character limit)


It would be pretty radical to have signatures, so we can advertise our projects and other links in that nature.


Yeah I don’t think signatures are a good idea.


I’m just gonna copy and paste my signature into my message every time.

Greatest leaf to live


That’s a good solution, I wonder if I could make/publish a chrome extension to copy your signature from spigot to every post on this forum… :thinking:

(I was going to post my signature but 1. markdown doesn’t support centering and 2. I’d probably get yelled at for advertising, which I would never do)


I looked, I don’t see signatures at all on this software.

Centered messages do work, though ;)
If you wanted to fake it ^_^


I think we should add signatures


You can think we should all you like. Not going to change anything.


That sounds interesting :grinning: do it. I also hope we get some sort of signatures.


Ah, I was trying to do inline CSS with a div tag, not the align property :stuck_out_tongue:
You could argue that Paper’s signatures are better than Spigot’s since they don’t have a character limit, yet another thing to add to the list of why Paper is better.

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