Server has been crashing without a reason

My server has been crashing without any reasons, the world has been resset, plugins deleted, if you find any bad or cracked plugins pls notify me, also please tell me why is it crashing
I dont know how to add files here, paper has banned me from their discord, ban appeal has been also writen

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you didn’t provide any logs or information that we could use to diagnose the issue

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Did you have a plugin called CoreAnticheat on your server?


I cant send files in this forum website

I tried it, somebody sent me it, but crashes went before the installation

Then I’ll suggest you saving your server pc data (except for the plugins and paper jar) and reset the entire machine the server ran on.

CoreAnticheat is a plugin which is completely obfuscated, pulls a jar from the internet on first startup, then hides it in your machine and gets complete access to your PC / VPS. The plugin has been circulating on the Internet for a few days and has already infected several servers.


Another Source:

so, all the plugins go down the drain, what the hell

anyways found out the problem, after uninstalling discordSRV it fixed, ran scans on my pc, deleted all hidden files, the server is running on Ubuntu server, the plugin did a bunch of errors, i guess my luck im using airplane after all