Sand Dupe question

Hello people from PaperMC,

i have a question and please dont se to me dat i need to read al of your discussions dat you have earlier with the hole comunetie. i have already done.
i have played minecaft for many years naw and what i have learned about minecraft is dat the listen to the people. why dont do you do dat 2. the hole comuneti want a option to turn sand dupeing on. but because you donte want tho do dat the hole comuneti needs suffer. i beg you please give us a option to turn it on and listen to the people.

(sorry for bad English im not so good in it)

We’ve been fixing bugs for years, if you don’t want bugs fixed, don’t use paper, or find a fork which makes those confirable.

sorry but this answer is too easy for me. this is this how you treat your users. I don’t think this is a decent treatment. i try to be nice and i get such an answer. sorry but I don’t agree with that.

The good thing about open source software is that you are more than welcome to fork the software and make your own changes, even if you disagree with the fact that we fix bugs, you are more than welcome to remove those fixes yourself, or find a fork which follows the politics that you desire. We have no interest in reverting our decision to not make a bug configurable when we’ve been asked for years to patch that bug by the community.

You are welcome to disagree, but, we care about the wider community, not the vocal minority.


thank you for giving me a more detailed answer.
maybe you know what to remove from the code around the sand dupe possible? :slightly_smiling_face:

Look at the patch that fixes it and figure out yourself how to modify the code to your liking.

oke thanks

hello sorry dat i ask so mutch but i can’t find what i should change would you please tell me what i should adjust? :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re on your own sorry but I’m not holding hands.

sorry but are you a developer because behind electronicboy is behind the name of yes and not of you. and if you are not a developer can i get an answer from a developer? :thinking:

Yes, I’m a developer and did contributions as well.
Either use the paper fork template of electronicboy/byof. Search for the sand duping patch, see which classes are affected and modify It to you liking in your fork.

thank you :slightly_smiling_face: