Restart Reconnect (Bungeecord Reconnect) - 1.16.3

This is a fork of 5zig’s outdated Reconnect. now compatible with waterfall.
Updated to support 1.15 and 1.16.
It comes with many improvements over the original version such as much needed stability and reliability improvements.
Most of the code has been completely rewritten now with much better stability and behavior.


  1. Drop plugin in plugins folder of proxy.
  2. Restart proxy.
  3. Ensure shutdown text / regex matches your servers shutdown messages otherwise edit and reload plugin
  4. Test & Enjoy



  • Reconnect all players when a server restarts - you don’t need an additional limbo server.

  • Move the affected players to the fallback server or kick them from the proxy, if the server doesn’t start within a specific time period again.

  • Send configurable Action Bar and Title bar messages with support for custom animation.

  • Configuration reload command.

  • Supports definition of custom kick trigger messages with regex support.

  • Add servers you wish this plugin to ignore.

  • Help prevent server overloads by configuring how quickly people should reconnect.

  • Should work with other plugins on both the proxy and the server without issue.

  • Has a basic developer API to interact with.

  • Open source

Configuration documentation can be found within the config.

Commands & tree

  • /reconnect
    • reload

Source and Download:


Yo this is insane at my opinion! Soo useful but pls add a config to configure all messages…

What messages would you want me to include? I thought the config already contained all user messages?

Ah lol yeah i just saw that i can scroll down in the config bruh haha but i have a Feature suggestion:

  • You can add Commands that are executed right before the Server restarts.
    You can execute them as the Player, the server Console or the Bungeecord Console.
    Also you can execute commands after an X amout of seconds after the Server restart is completed.

Not sure if it’s within the scope of this plugin.
Not only to mention it would take a fair bit of work to make it and set it up on the users end.

Would be a better idea to make it it’s own plugin(s).

Mhh yeah I think you’re right.

But i just had another idea for the plugin: the state of the restart is displayed as a Subtitle (or Placeholder)

For example:

Loading Plugins


Loading overworld

The problem with that is you’d also need a companion plugin on the server to send the servers internal state to the bungeecord plugin.

Good idea but on the backburner

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Mh yeah okay but thanks anyways, great Plugin!