RemoveRecipes glitch


Hello there
I’m using the spigot plugin"RemoveRecipes" by Supersniper to block some recipes.
Then i wanted to read something, blocked the chest recipe and used CreateRecipes to make a new recipe for chests. But it still for blocked. So i removed the custom recipe and the blocked recipe, but I still want l wasn’t able to craft chests.
So I removed the plugin from the server, restarted it and then I still wasn’t able to craft a single chest. Everytime I wanted to, I got this Error:

How can I add the recipe for chests again?


Alright, I have found the issue, this thread can be closed ( i dont know how to close threads )


How’d you fix the issue?


The problem was with CreateRecipes. I looked into the bin file of our and found the chest without any recipes. I removed it and it worked fine again


Bin folder of the plugin jar? Server jar?


The plugin created a folder of it’s own and in that was a bin file which contained deleted recipes