Portal with multiple worlds


Lets start with saying that I use Paperserver for my family and it works like a charm ( with up to a couple of players at least) so far !

My question: I want to create a portal which gives access to a shared survival-world, as well as some specific worlds (like an arena for minigames or something like that).
What is the best/most efficient and convenient way to proceed with such a thing in Paperserver?
Should I use multiverse plugin? what confuses me about that is that i don’t see how the various worlds relate ( i.e. nether belongs to which world? What if i would have two survival worlds?).
’ Bungee’ or waterfall might be more clear on connecting different worlds, but there i would have to run all those multiple worlds all the time…

I.e. is Waterfall the way to go, even though I would need multiple servers running?

Thanks for any pointers to what is the best way for this.

Second question is, if I would like to create some interesting locations like a mansion nearby the village, is there a way to do that? I know about the schematic files to be used with worldedit , but they appear to be only the building ( if i understand correctly)



Hi buddy, are you trying to do via the manually loops ?

J. Smith

Multiverse is one way to go, to answer your question about the nether: All the worlds would share the same nether. You can create your own nether world but nether portals would not direct you there. There’s a plugin called MultiversePortals which can allow portals to worlds, but I haven’t really tried it out.

Hi Hydrogen and jimicev, thanks for your replies.

Yes, I was just wondering what the most convenient /easiest way would be.
Right now, I just have a couple of worlds in parallel and I just start the worlds the kids want to play on ( and I pre-set them in the client on different ports).

Basically, I would like a ‘cool and easy’ experience for the kids and their friends ( age 8-10, so no really difficult stuff).

Mmm interesting, just wondering how that would work, sharing the Nether. But maybe I should just try.
( i.e, I wouldn;t mind, I think I would probably have one or maybe two survival worlds in parallel with some mini-game worlds.



Hi team, any further update on this, as of now?

Jimi Smith

To be honest, I am unsure what ‘manual loops’ are.

I am trying to create a simple portal for my kids to go to a) their survival world, and b) some additional worlds for minigames, instead of letting them select various worlds from the client…