Plugin Advice - Multiple Worlds on Paper

Hey There,

i have my own little server.
Sometimes playing with some friends on it an sometimes i just wanna have a flat map to “try” thinks…
At the moment i switch between these maps… But now we often play together - me on my flat one and friends in survival.

I tried multiverse but it does not work… don’t know why, maybe i am dump…
In the server-console i see just errors - multiverse seems to use a method on minecraft that is not provided anymore.

Does anyone have a advice, what i should use instead? Or how someone get it worked?

Thanks for any help.


are you using the latest dev build from multiverse?

you can download it here:

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Hey Seema,

thank you, i was some builds behind and now my server dont show any errors.
I will try to manage both maps - but that should work as well.

Thanks a lot!