Performance Issues on 9900k Dedicated Server

I run a decent sized survival server on 1.13.2 which is frequently full at 75 players during peak hours. I want to increase the server size further as our community frequently asks for it but when we reach around 60 players the TPS starts to drop and by 75 players the TPS can be as low as 6. I have followed this guide, am using Aikar’s flags, have Mob Farm Manager installed to control large mob farms and areas with a high concentration of entities and I have installed the React plugin.

The server is the only large Minecraft server running on my dedicated server, which has an i9 9900k with 64GB of RAM and an NVMe SSD, which the server is running on. I would have thought this hardware would be far more than sufficient to run a Minecraft server of this nature and size.

I am happy to offer some kind of monetary reward for helping me further optimise my server and resolve my TPS issues, so please get in touch about that.

My Timings:

Any help would be appreciated and I’d love to reward anyone who can help me with this issue! To reach me, feel free to reply to this post or contact me though Discord or PM. My Discord is Mr Worldwide!# (As I frequently miss Discord friend requests, ideally you can reach me by joining my server’s Discord and DMing me from there:

Yea, i have one

The Intel Core i9-9900K running very high temperatures. If reach the thermal limit the kernel throttling the processor speed.
Check your processor temperatures. If your processor running 90-100 °C need to replace better cooling system if possible.

“This guide will break down suggested values that get the most out of your server and let you ditch harsh “anti-lag” plugins (e.g. ClearLagg) like probably create lag.”
I don’t recommended use React. I recommend use MobFarmManager to limit your entities.

Maybe NoCheatPlus mc-market version is better than Spartan anti cheat plugin.

i have big #186 laggy.

My vds server information

100gb nwme disc
8gb ddr4 ram
4x unlimited i9-9900K cpu

Server load htop :