Paper Auto Updater?

Do someone know if there is a auto updater for Paper? they update their jars every day… so it would help a lot.

No, auto updating is bad, you should always test stuff before deploying it into production


I need to update to 1.15
i’m currently on 1.13 on a laptop using ubuntu 16.04
Can you tell me how to update or how to get to papermc 1.15?
Thanks - new to papermc and ubuntu

This works if electronicboy didn’t change your mind…

I don’t use it but I beleive it works…

If you’re really adamant on auto-updating, I have a bash script for it that utilises md5 checksums. It only works on Linux operating systems though, bare that in mind:


oldsum=$(md5sum paperclip.jar | awk '{print $1}')
newsum=$(curl -s '<VERSION>/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/paperclip.jar/*fingerprint*/' | ~/go/bin/pup '.md5sum json{}' | jq '.[0].text' -r | awk '{print $2}')

if [[ "$oldsum" != "$newsum" ]]; then
  wget<VERSION>/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/paperclip.jar -O paperclip.jar

{ while pgrep java | xargs -l -i readlink -f /proc/{}/cwd | grep -m 1 <servername>; do sleep 1; done; java [email protected] -jar paperclip.jar\n; } &


  • wget (can be installed on most Linux distributions, latest version should work fine)
  • go with pup (go can be installed via the package manager, pup with go get
  • jq (can be installed via Python’s pip, with pip install jq. requires Python 3+)
  • java (of course, versions 8 and 11 definitely work, not sure about other versions).

everything else is usually pre-installed.

This is NOT my script, I’m not taking any credit for this.

Do U know where a windows version is
Or have one ???

I made a similar script that runs on python3, you’ll need to install python3 on your windows system. It utilizes the v2 API. Should work universally