Paper 1.8.8 - many players timing out at once


Hey! It’s haunting my server! Regularly every (or almost every) player gets disconnected. In console, I see just this: [Server thread/INFO]: anonymous lost connection: Timed out (a few times, in the same 1 - 2 seconds). My plugins:
LuckPerms, WorldEdit, LogBlock, PlugMan, IllegalStack, ViaVersion, Vault, ProtocolLib, FastLogin, Essentials, EssentialsChat, FunnyGuilds, EssentialsSpawn, WorldGuard, AuthMe, ExtraContexts, CombatLogX
My timings:
A little longer log: (3 players in this case)
It was a tiny mass kick, but when more players are playing, also more can get timed out at once (like 10 players timings out).


Are you running your server at home?
From what I can see here is the server/client connection latency is high.
Causing the timedout message.
Can you post the client ping times? if the client ping is 300+ms then the
client will be disconnected.


My server is hosted on a shared hosting. The server is in the same country as all my players, so most of them have low latency - like 15 milliseconds with fiber. Looking at dedicated server price that the Minecraft hosting probably uses, there’s probably one VCPU per server (but a server can use more unless it disturbs other servers), what is enough for my server - TPS is always around 20. I have recently changed the server to 1.13.2 (with gamemode change from Factions to SkyBlock) and the issue still persists. Maybe an issue with some of my plugins… or the Minecraft hosting has some issues. My plugins: AdvancedPortals, AuthMe, BentoBox, Citizens, CombatLogX, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, ExtraContexts*, FastLogin, GChestShop, Holograms*, ID-Library, IllegalStack, LuckPerms, Matrix, OldCombatMechanics, OtherDrops, ProtocolLib*, SilkSpawners, SilkSpawnersEcoAddon, TradeSystem, Vault, WorldEdit, WorldGuard


Even i started facing this same issue.