Optimize server

It’s any ideas to optimize this server?


CPU: 5 vCPU 4Ghz
RAM: 16384 MB
Slots: 50
If we have 35/50 it’s 19 tps but 50/50 - 12 tps.

Is a good first step

It looks like you are stacking natural mobs, and this is causing issues for you. Stacking natural mobs (and clearing them with clearlagg), while intuitively sounds like a fantastic idea backfires and comes from a misunderstanding of how mob spawning functions. The server tries very hard to reach it’s spawn limits (set in bukkit.yml), and as such, when you clear all of the mobs or stack them all up, the server has to spend more and more resources spawning in new mobs around players. Not stacking/clearing mobs will help you in a major way here, and is the first thing I would look into, after what minidigger screenshotted above.

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