MultyVerse core issue

hello im running 1 16 5 mc paper server,

i installed mv core from this website >
aslo whith few family plugins like mv inventories and mv portals (also form buckit because i couldnt find it anywhere else, if multyverse core need to be downloaded for paper anywhere else pls sent me that link),
so i created new void world whith it and i teleported to it “new world” it loads propperly, but when i teleported back to “lobby world” weird things started to happen like command blocks wasnt working, when i try to fly whith elytra i couldnt stop flying even after killing myself against wall and respawning game still rendered me as flying whith elytra and several chunks were corrupted whith “Lobby world and neworld together” (luckfully i didnt lost my world cause after restarting server everything was normal again but if i tried to go another world it did weird things again) i also tried to reinstall plugin few times , notheing changed and in cmd wasnt any error shown only when i tried to walk throucht corrupted worlds it show weird movement error about my character . PLS HELP IF YOU CAN


has the server enough ram to process multiple worlds at the same time?