Minimum Hardware Requirements

lately i was thinking about setting up a Minecraft Server, selfhosted at my home. Because electricity isnt that cheap if you run Hardware 24/7, i was thinking about some low-energy Hardware but im unsure if it could handle a PaperMC Server with like 5-10 max and maybe a few Plugins. RAM wouldnt be a problem, but im not sure if the real low Power CPUs could handle it. The CPUs i mostly looked at where those Motherboards integrated ones from Intel with 10 W TDP, like newer Celerons, like this or would be good enoug.
Thanks in advance!

If you are concerned about power usage but are willing to buy new components to run your own server I would probably suggest purchasing hosting from a company or buying your own VPS if you are wanting to self host for more control.

But for a server with 10 players and a couple plugins you will want to make sure you buy a processor with high single threaded performance since Minecraft servers use a single core. Neither of the mother boards you linked to say specifically what ones they are so I couldn’t find their performance.