Low TPS with low player count

Can somebody tell me why our server getting 15 tps with 2 players?
Its on a VPS with 8 vCores and it gets 8 GB RAM but the tps still low…
Here is our timings log:
Aikar’s Timings Viewer
I know vCores are not the best but this i think is worse than it should be…

Villagers are using 25% of your tick during lag. Do you just have way to many of them? Maybe lower their activation range and dont tick inactive villagers.

yes we have a breeder but we just have like 10-15 active or the breeder counts too?
And how can i lower the activity range?

In the ordinary world, there are no farms on the spawn chunk that could litter the Entity?

no there is not the farm is somewhere else and only 1