Issue while importing the paper API (Maven)

I am trying to use the paper API my software is eclipse for java developers

What issue are you having?

Just gonna guess a couple of common issues.

  1. With 1.17 paper-api now requires java 16. Ensure you have that installed and maven is set up to use it.

  2. Maven versions below 3.6.3 (or something close to that) don’t support java 16.

  3. Use io.papermc.paper now rather than com.destroyatokyo.paper with 1.17.

It shows that Non-parseable POM C:\Users\lol\eclipse-workspace\11\pom.xml: start tag not allowed in epilog but got r (position: END_TAG seen …\r\n\r\n\r\n<r… @9:3)

@sulu I am using all of that

Your pom file is invalid