Is this normal behavior when converting a server from vanilla to paper?

I converted my small SMP server from vanilla to paper and everything is saved (items, updated blocks, etc) except for player coordinates. Everyone on the server has been directed to the world spawn or their bed is this normal behavior? I can’t find anything anywhere about this.

Did you put the .dat files?
If there are some, try replacing them with the .dat files in the original world

Copying over the dat files again sort of works: if I do it after I have joined at least once than I will be in the correct location. However the other players will be placed at their spawn unless I repeat this for everyone. And just to be clear they were copied over originally.

I’ve also just converted a vanilla server to Paper. I see the exact same thing. Players now appear back at their last bed! I’m fairly new to all this (setup a server to play with my six year old daughter) and I was worried that some corruption had occurred and I had lost stuff (my backup routine is solid though). But now that I’ve seen this I’m no longer worried.

Still I’d just built a “largest castle ever” with my daughter and cannot for the life of me remember where it was :slight_smile: