I want to start making a small anarchy server with friends

I need some help trying to get a little anti cheat to ban a few things like 32k’s straight up fly hacking are there any good configurable anti cheats that won’t be very strict?

Some free ones are: NoCheatPlus-Updated, Matrix (people have mixed opinions on this one)

I’m not exactly sure about 32k’s but this spigot thread covers that if paper hasn’t patched it already (ALWAYS TEST STUFF YOURSELF!)

Thank you so much I will check this stuff out and do some testing

The players wont have a 32k if you dont give it to them, its stupid to install a plugin that fixes a problem that does not exist

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people can back door and get them

Not if you use reputable plugins and keep good security. A 2FA plugin would remove that worry.

dont give yourself any perms in game so you wont have to worry about it

though if your panel gets hacked idk what to say