I don't know how to read this exception

I’m knew here, sorry if I mess up the post or anything. I asked on spigot, but my post vanished with no explanation to why, probably because I’m using paper instead of spigot.

I’m running two servers connected through a waterfall proxy, and when a player joins, this is thrown in the console. The referenced line in my plugin writes a player’s UUID and name to a yml file. This is either a problem with my plugin or my computer. I’m not sure if paper throws this when a thread is blocking, and packets are delayed, or if it is a problem with the CPU being old and slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You called getHostName, which is now performing a DNS lookup to resolve the address

Doesn’t getHostName return the ip connected to the server, and where client packets are coming from? Is there a better way of getting the player’s ip? It’s part of one of my plugins to have the ability to ban offline players.


So I should use getHostString because it doesn’t cause a dns lookup? Also when it says the server is behind x amount of ticks, is that caused by the cpu being slow?

yes, and no, it just means “your server took too long to tick”, in this case it’s because you blocked the server thread with a network lookup

Oh okay, thanks for the help!