How to move to mineOS or a dedicated server?


I was wondering if anyone had experience on mineOS. I am trying to see how to move the PaperMC files to the mineOS and see if it run without a hitch.

Thank you.

Can’t say I’ve ever used it but it’s just a Debian fork so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be fine. But tbh, a lot of the features it provides are pretty easy to achieve with regular debian. At least then you’d know it’ll definitely be supported for awhile.

Thanks for the reply. I just wasn’t sure where to copy the files to in mineOS so that paperMC will start.

I use and love MineOS. To use the paper jar with your existing server you have to copy the jar into the server files either through the MineOS Webmin web page, or using ftp file transfer software like WinSCP.

The path would be as follows:

replace %servername% with your actual servers name

I dont know if its necessary but then i also change the rights to the file to the MC user
mc [1000] with rights rw-rw-r–

Refresh the server list on the top right and then you have to go into the server status page, and change the box for “change runnable jar to” and select the paper jar file.