How fast does papermc get updates?

I am currently running a vanilla minecraft server but I am looking forward to making a papermc server for 1.16 to play with my friends. I was wondering: how much time will the devs need to update papermc to version 1.16 when it comes out?

Thanks for the help

PaperMC doesn’t update to 1.16 until after SpigotMC updates to 1.16, and that doesn’t happen until Mojang releases the 1.16 version.

So it goes Mojang -> Spigot -> Paper.

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Clearly Mojang needs to release version 1.16 first. My question is: based on your previous experience with papermc how much time does it take for an update to go from Mojang to Spigot to Paper?

For spigot it depends on the update. A week to 2 weeks might pass. However, paper is known to update very fast, probably within a day or two.

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Ok thanks a lot

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Wat does this mean that for paper to update it takes a week or 2 plus 1 or 2 days for paper to get updated to 1.16?

Yes, it does. If you keep touch with, you’ll notice that they have a 1.16 server that they’re updating as 1.16 gets closer to releasing. Upon release of 1.16, the spigot team will finish fixing bugs and such, and will probably release around 1-2 weeks after 1.16’s release. (Depends tho) Then, Paper, which adds its own patches to spigot, will begin working on Paper 1.16, and this usually is much quicker. Paper 1.16 will probably release a few days after spigot 1.16.

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With 1.16 releasing in a few days - if the release date holds, hopefully we will see spigot and paper versions in a few weeks maybe less.

1.16.1 already released. Still waiting

The Paper-API is already released for 1.16.1. The server takes longer, but they are working on it. Have been since spigot released their update.

It only takes Paper a week, or maybe two at max (I think the longest it took was about a month, after 1.13 was released and everything had to be rewritten). But considering 1.16.0 was released ONLY two days ago, just be kind and patient. Paper works hard to make servers run well, it’s worth the wait!

Looks like they are up to patch 488/~550. If you want to watch the development live, join the paper discord.

Aikar is now live with continued development