Help with momentum on blue ice?

I’ve got a farm that works in single player where at the end, a water stream pushes the player onto a Blue ice block with a sign on it, and the momentum continues so the player is just BARELY in a water column and is elevated. On a paper server (1.16.5, v763) the momentum doesn’t carry me far enough.

On Vanilla, in single player, the final push gets me into the block to coords “-16.309 8.103” moving north. On the paper server, I stop at coords “-1298.465 1960.377” moving west. That means on vanilla, you scoot .897 blocks into the ice, but on paper, you move .465 into the block, which is NOT far enough to hit the bubble column.

You can see the mechanism here:

What I’ve found is to get picked up by the bubble column, you need to get at least .7 across the block.

It can’t be a directional issue can it? I’m not gonna rebuild this in survival again turned; I don’t see a configuration issue that would impact this mechanism.