Extremely low mob spawn rate

I change the monster spawn limit to 200 but still very few mobs spawn, especially in nether (I have to run around the fortress for 15 min to find a wither skeleton) . I turned on the per player mob spawn in Paper.yml. And also the tick per monster spawn is also set to 1. The mob spawn range also set to 28. The difficulty is hard. Any idea why I have such a low mob spawn rate?
I am using #776

I can’t help you but I also have extremely low spawn rates on hard difficulty after updating to #776. All the mobs (apart from sheep for some reason) seem to be missing and the nether is extremely empty. Its very noticeable with mob farms

Exactly, I have gold farm that was rocking prior to the 1.17 update on our server and now literally nothing spawns in it anymore. Other nether roof farms of mine like my Magma cube farm are working just fine but I’m getting absolutely nothing spawning in my gold farm anymore. Admins are confused as to why as well.

Same on the server im playing on, spawms are way down ESPECIALLY in the nether. The admin says they didn’t change anything in the config files and just dragged and dropped new paper jar. Farms were working in 1.16.5 and then in 1.17 are not or extreamly slow.

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Did anyone figure out what might be the cause of this or a way to fix it?

I have the same issue. My mob spawns are set to the default numbers in bukkit, and with 1 player on the server in the nether, the gold farm was getting zero spawns. With 2 players at the mob farm it was spawning but very slow. /paper entity list gave approx 100 entities in the nether, 47 in the overworld.

The gold farm was working very well on 1.16.5 and produces nothing now.

Server is on Hard difficulty, paper 1.17.1 #92

Same here:

Server is on Hard difficulty
Per player spawns are set to True
The entire farm is loaded in the view-distance (actual view-distance and not the no tick view distance)
All the spawns were working in 1.16.5
Nothing in the configuration changed from 1.16.5 to 1.17 and then 1.17.1

Exploring the nether more it even seems like normal spawns in general are lower (such as in fortresses or just randomly out in the nether).
There doesn’t appear to be any issue with overworld spawns, only the nether (but possibly the end too).

I’ve checked the biomes to make sure mobs can spawn, I’ve disabled plugins in my test world and still have lower / no spawns.

Have you tried just really, REALLY, increasing your spawn limits? This just doesn’t seem like a good solution.

Having issues with per player also.
Same configurations as we had in 1.16.5, in 1.17 players are mentioning really low spawn rates, especially the more rarer mob types like wither skeletons and drowned, guardians.

Players say their farms aren’t nearly as good as they used to be.

On paper #99.

It would seem that there’s a possibility that the “per player” function isn’t working as it should, using the same configurations tested on a 1.16.5 world spawns are as we expected, using the same configs on our 1.17 world, spawns only become “okay” when there’s very little players on the server, suggesting that it’s either not working as per player or only some mobs seem to be functioning under this system currently. Most common hostile mobs like zombies seem fine

This aligns well with what we have been seeing as well. Has anyone filed or found a bug ticket for this?

I would but I don’t know how to …I thought this was where you posted bugs

Can someone who has had this problem after 1.17 post all of their configs (or just a Timings report)?





Need anything else? OOPs …Difficulty is hard, plugin list Chairs, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, dynmap*, eGlow, Essentials, EssentialsChat, LuckPerms, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, PowerRanks, SetSpawn*, Vault, WorldEdit

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I have the same problem, i just finished building a wither skull farm, and it was giving out a lot of spawn rates (with vanilla 1.17.1) My server crashed a couple of times, so I decided to use Purpur to optimize it. When i logged back on I noticed almost no skeletons were spawning, so i went through every config of every jar, and still i had the same problem “it has to do with purpur” I told my self, so I installed tuinity. The problem still persists, “It has to do with tuinity”. The problem persists; until I just gave up and went back to vanilla.

The large majority of these problems in 1.17 have been due to the fact that entities beyond the hard despawn range no longer despawn in non-ticking chunks, causing them to take up the mob cap. Currently the only “solution” to this is to lower the hard despawn range or increase the ticking view distance.
Edit: I should note that this is most likely not the problem in the above-linked Timings report, though I don’t know what is

When i updated to 1.17, the monuments just flooded with guardians and they thrashed me in full protection 4 netherite. I couldn’t build a guardian farm without invisiblilty and like a shulker of totems

That issue is back? Last I heard it had been mitigated by Mojang in 1.15 by allowing precisely the opposite (entities to despawn in non-entity-processing chunks).

My experience in 1.16 on low render distances has generally been much more pleasant compared to unmodded 1.12, where very few mobs spawned after a while at that render distance.

Hi ! I am facing also this issue 1.171 latest build and it seems to be in the nether.

I am using no tick render distance at 8 and tick a 8 with default parameters and 6 spawn range