Entity issues that cause TPS to drop in 1.14.4

Hello. I apologize in advance for my English, I use a translator. It’s not the first day I’ve been on your forum and read about problems with version 1.14.4, but today I found several problems with the entity when I was trying to understand what is so hard on the server. I looked at my timing reports and found out which specific entities are causing the delay, then through the plugin I searched for where these entities are most and teleported there.

At first, TPS fell due to problems with the gold farm. My players made a farm on which pigs-zombies appearing from the portal go to a turtle egg and at that time a snowman shoots at them. So, it’s just that the snowball showed the biggest latency delay. I suppose that when snowman throw snowballs at pig zombies, they sometimes fall into the portals, the snowball goes through the portal and loads the chunks in the world the nether. After I closed the snowmen, TPS rose. I decided to disable the spawn of pigzombies through the portals in the ordinary world in the settings.

The next delay I noticed occurred with cats.
I looked again at the timing report and began to move to all the cats on the map and found one player who was next to the creeper, but the player was afk and closed with blocks, and after I moved to him, the creeper exploded. But next to the player there were many cats, but they were all planted and could not scare away the creeper. I think the delay was due to the artificial intelligence of cats, because the cats were supposed to scare away the creeper, but they were sitting and could not do anything. After the explosion of the creeper, the TPS rose again.

Judging by the timings, I also noticed that they cause a delay in the ItemFrame. TPS was approximately 15-16 with 11 people online. I moved to the place where there were most of them at the given moment on the server, and a player was standing nearby and telling things about the chests. On each chest, he hung a frame and placed objects in it, some objects were turned upside down. I asked him to break the framework and in front of the eyes the TPS began to rise and rose to 20.
I suggest that the load was precisely in the processing of inverted objects, or there are some other flaws in the processing of this entity.

The foxes also caused a delay. I moved to all the foxes on the server and almost everyone had an object in their mouth (maybe this is the problem). In one place the chunk was not loaded and I moved at the moment when the fox attacked pets. Apparently this process was stopped when the chunk was loaded, and I got there again and the action continued. I killed all the foxes and TPS got up.

Today I found a delay from the EntityCod.
Having moved to a cluster of 6 fish, I began to observe their behavior in order to understand what causes the delay. Apparently solitary fish are trying to find others and are grouped in schools, begin to swim together and somehow interact with each other. Most likely somewhere at this stage there is a delay. As with the rest of the mobs, killing them raised the TPS.

I hope one of the paper’s developers will notice this message, maybe these errors can be fixed in the following builds.