Discord ban appeal

Dear Paper community,

A while ago now, I got banned from the PaperMC Discord server because basically, I was being an idiot. I got banned maybe a few months ago now, which is why I feel it’s time that I get back on the server. I’ve improved my social skills from last time (much less talking over people), I won’t talk about piracy or any other illegal or stupid stuff again, and I just want to become a part of the PaperMC Discord again.

I hope you understand this,

Please fill out the ban appeal form found on the website.

Which is at the top of the community page

Thanks guys. Nobody told me that existed before, and it wasn’t very obvious where it was (at the bottom of the Community Guidelines)

i just fucking got banned for no reason this is the ban message :You were banned from PaperMC | read your responses thats so dumb remove that staff