Core Protect Not Loading


Hey, when I start up my server I get a message from coreprotect saying that It requries Spigot 1.13.2. I m running the latest Paper MC Jar.

Is Core Protect not compatible with paper?

Here is the “error” message:
[11:05:33 INFO]: [CoreProtect] Enabling CoreProtect v2.16.3
[11:05:33 INFO]: [CoreProtect] Spigot 1.13 or higher is required.
[11:05:33 INFO]: [CoreProtect] CoreProtect was unable to start.
[11:05:33 INFO]: [CoreProtect] Disabling CoreProtect v2.16.3


“latest” isn’t a version, we need actual version information; Last I tested CoreProtect was working fine


thanks working now