Console Issue? Plz Help


Can Someone Tell Me How To Get Console i can Get On the Server Thank You For Your time IDK if It happens In any other Versions Or Not i am on 1.12.2
i can connect


Make sure you’re not just running the server jar - you need a start script.

Open notepad, write what I have below and save it as “start.bat”, and make sure to select all files rather than text document when saving.

Write it like this:

@echo off
java -jar paper-1.13.2.jar

You’re able to control the RAM by adding Xms and Xmx to the command.

For instance:

@echo off
java -jar -Xms1G -Xmx2G paper-1.13.2.jar

Hopefully this helps.


Thank You


Thank you @Skizzy for sharing such useful information. Your steps really worked.