Chunk Lagg Problem 1.15.2

Hello there,

I have big problems with my server performance. The server just got crashed every 24h with “Cant keep it up…”
I looked into my timings and found out that chunks(SELF) probably could causing the laggs.


Does anyone have an idea of fixing this issue

Thank you

You are trying to run outdated, unsupported server software with 7 plugins on a single gigabyte of RAM. That’s just not going to work.

Thanks for your reply.

Which server software should I use instead. Problem is when I use 1.16.5 only people with 1.16.5 will be able to connect to the server.

I thought 1GB RAM is enaugh as it is just a hub server.

The Paper team only officially supports the latest version. I missed the bungee thing and didn’t realize you were just trying to use it as a hub. Someone with more experience with hubs will have to chime in. I think there is another Via plugin that allows older clients, but I’ve heard it’s resource heavy.

I thought you were trying to run an SMP with plugins on 1GB :smiley:

No problem :grinning: Thanks for your anwser.

Anyone else who has an idea?

If you need players from older versions to be able to connect, you can use ViaVersion and Viabackwards. It’ll allow for players between 1.9-1.16.5 to connect to your 1.16.5 server.