Best Anti-Hack plugin for 1.16?

Testers are able to use hacks on the server and the anti-hack’s not wokring

The best would be a private plugin that you get someone to make for you tbh.

I’ve had nice experiences on Fiverr and the spigot forums to get someone to make an anticheat. If you want client-server trading or hacked clients almost blocked, I’d get a plugin that tricks the client. Sadly, the only ones that do that are 1.8-1.12.2 forge/plain clients. I’d just block custom jar versions. Best versions to whitelist are limited fabric, forge (barely any up to date cheat clients on forge), blc, lunar, and any other clients that tell the server what they are. Most others contain optimizations that are only normal on much lower versions.

Edit: sorry for the rant. by “client-server trading” I meant the specific client isn’t able to join because you block them.

NCP’s fork by captain0bvious is probably the best I’ve seen out there.

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Yeah, that’s a nice one. If you’re willing to spend money, Verus is also a really detailed one with a ton of checks for legacy+ versions.

I would not buy anything from fiverr or mc-market.

Don’t go on MC-Market, I meant OG’s on Fiverr. If they have a weird title they might download a plugin and give it to you… Guess how I know that…

I recommended this plugin.
I have been using this for a while and it has works very well.

Here’s a link to a list of some anti cheats on spigot