Ban appeal - Truly an important paper problem

I’m sorry for DMing a developer in private!, but I feel a permanent ban was too harsh, can I appeal it?
I got the second warning after I had sent all the messages and I had stopped.
I joined back on the discord and I wouldn’t DM again, I really feel like a permanent ban is a harsh punishment when I’m simply asking for help on a problem that has to be paper related since it works on spigot.

I try to provide some sort of evidence with the timestamps from discord on the picture below.

ban appeal dervillion|366x500

My problem is the following:

I’m using latest waterfall and I’ve tried 442
I’ve connected to the main server
and you can login and break blocks, tps 20, no problem

you can’t chat
there are also no commands registered

I’ve tried this on waterfall/bungeecord + airplane/paper/tuinity/yatopia/spigot.
Incredibly, spigot works, without a problem, paper doesn’t
I’ve contacted airplane devs and paper devs.
this happens with and without plugins

If a moderator hasn’t already handled this, there is a ban appeal link at the bottom of the community guidlines.
(I don’t know proxies very well so no clue on your actual problem)