After restarting problems on joining some worlds

When i am restarting my server and tp myself to a world like a resource world i get this error:

And i get kicked for timeout.
After the first try it is working until restart.

(full server log:

We don’t support modified builds of paper and looks like poor hardware in general

ok i can upgrade hardware.

The version is newest official build.
Or what do you mean by modified builds?

When using paper, we ask that you use one of the jars from our website so that it has an official build number, otherwise we have no idea that you’ve not modified the jar and it’s a headache to know if you’re using even a remotely recent build without having to go look at the git repo manually

ok i can try to downlaod from the website. i used the version installed from my hoster

now i am using the version from this website but sometimes errors like this
are appearing anyway.

server took too long to tick, use timings, but, looks like an overloaded server/slow disk