AdventureAPI Component Style

I am trying to set an items display name to a translatable Component using


My problem is, that the items display name is displayed as “italic”, what I find to be pretty ugly. How can I set (or reset) the textstyle to normal? I also tried this approach:

Component component = Component.translatable(getTranslatableName()).decorate(TextDecoration.XYZ);

…but there doesn’t seem to be an enum for “normal” (hence I used XYZ as placeholder).

I’d really like to use the paperAPI, but especially the (Text)Component system can’t be used intuitively and there is no documentation to be found, that explains the correct usage comprehensively.
Anyways, is there a solution to my issue or do I have to change back to spigot in order to easily change displayNameStyles?
Any help is appreciated!

display names are italic by default, you basically need to disable the decoration (pretty sure there is a method which takes a boolean to set it to false)

Yes, its ‘decoration(DecorationType type, boolean flag)’.
It was my bad, I searched around for almost an hour and did not find it, as I searched for a method similar to the BungeeCord Component, which is ‘italics(boolean b)’.
Nevermind, I got it to work finally, thank you!