About updating from 1.16.5>1.17 and Java 16?

I’m kind of on the fence about updating to 1.17 right now. My server isn’t live yet, but I’ll definitely be updating my server to 1.17 and 1.18 in the future.

I want to update my server to a stable version of 1.17 before my server is live because at the very least I want all of the new world changes to be part of the world when players start playing.
The caves and cliffs update was my ideal but unfortunately it was pushed back to 1.18.

My concern is whether it’s a wise idea to host a server on 1.17. The whole Java 16 thing seems a bit weird to me. I see that J16 doesn’t have LTS, so is it too detrimental in the long term to host a server on 1.17?

I assume that Minecraft won’t utilize J16 for much longer, so will the Java version change again for 1.18?
If it does, will the process of updating a server corrupt a lot of files or cause problems otherwise?

Are there plugin developers who plan to skip updating their plugin to support 1.17 altogether?

Would it simply be best if I keep my server on 1.16.5 and wait for a stable version of 1.18?

LTS is fairly irrelevant for hosting a Minecraft server. Java versions are widely backwards compatible and safe to use. Simply update if new versions are released to general availability.
The Paper 1.17 builds are already good to be used with the note that issues may occur.
About 1.18, no need to speculate what may happen and may doesn’t happen. Mojang will announce such things before like it’s been done for all past versions.

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