1.8.8 paper spigot external build problem

hello, i downloaded paper spigot 1.8.8 and it works fine when i run it as server but the problem when i try to add it as external build in my project it doesn’t contain anything i can’t import anything it’s like all bukkit things gone for some reason, should i add normal spigot to external build with the paper spigot at same time or what? i don’t get it

That being said, you probably are depending on Paperclip, not Paper (or, as it was called in 1.8, PaperSpigot); see here. You should also be depending on it using Maven or Gradle, not your IDE, which would avoid this problem.

sorry idk what maven is i’m new to coding, is there other version of spigotpaper 1.8 that i just put it instant of that i have rn? if there’s can u give the download link of it or the name?

Read the linked documentation. You do not want to depend on Paperclip; you want to depend on Paper. Paperclip saves the patched jar in a folder called cache.