[1.8.8 - 1.16.5] AdminTools3 - 20+ Modules in a GUI, all messages configurable


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A general purpose Craftbukkit+ Plugin

BukkitDEV: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/admintoolsde

SpigotMC: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/admintools.76747/

bStats: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/AdminToolsDE/6930

GitHub: https://github.com/WeiiswurstDev/AdminTools3

Wiki (Tutorials, Installation, etc.) https://weiiswurst.gitbook.io/admintools3/


You will recieve support in the discord server: https://discord.gg/YDkQbE7

The review section is NOT the place to report bugs or suggest features!


  • Many different modules in a GUI
  • Full Support for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper 1.13+
  • Legacy Support for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper 1.8+ (This might be buggy, please update!)
  • 100% customizable messages, with support for PlaceholderAPI
    • Default translations to English and German provided
  • Customizable cooldowns, aliases and individual settings for each module
  • Permissions for each module, and more
  • NEW Option to use custom join and leave messages!
  • /pinfo, which shows customizable information for any player
  • An API to integrate your plugin as modules into the GUI
  • If you use PaperMC, the plugin will teleport players asynchronously to save resources

Module list

  • Kill Players
  • Mute players
  • Freeze players
  • Heal players
  • View Enderchests of players
  • View the Inventory of players
  • Make players invisible (Permission to see invisibles: admintools3.bypass.vanish)
  • Enable flying for players
  • Change the Gamemode of players
  • Open a Workbench anywhere
  • Clear the chat, for you or everyone
  • Toggle CommandSpy, to see what commands are being used
  • Change the maximum amount of hearts of players
  • Clear the inventory of players
  • Change the difficulty of any world
  • Teleport into any world
  • Toggle PvP in any world
  • Change to sunny weather in any world
  • Set the spawn of any world
  • Use the AdminChat (admintools3.adminchat.send) to send messages to admins (admintools3.adminchat.recieve)


  • Add your own modules into the GUI
  • Add your own translation files into the MessageTranslator
  • Disable the default message key format to use your own
  • Use modular features such as the PlayerSelector or the WorldSelector

The API, and examples, are in the Wiki. (https://github.com/WeiiswurstDev/AdminTools3/wiki/API-Tutorial)



Version 3.1.0 was released!

  • FIXED: Fly module sends wrong messages
  • FIXED: Fly module wasn’t accessible from the GUI
  • FIXED: Some typos in the message files
  • FIXED: /a [player] [world] now actually accepts a player and a world!
  • ADDED: An option to use custom Join and Leave messages!
  • ADDED: VanishModule now sends the join/leave message configured in the config.yml

(to download, just click on the spigotmc link above)

Version 3.1.1 was released!

  • You can now configure modules to not send any messages to the target! (Useful if you don’t want the target to see that you are looking into his inventory.)

Version 3.1.2 was released!

  • Nobody received the adminchat, even with the permissions


  • You were able to set someones max health to 0, softlocking that person