[1.8-1.17] RedditCraft - Reddit Forum With Minecraft Integrations

Use a subreddit with Minecraft integrations as your server forums software.


RedditCraft is a plugin that serves to integrate the presence of a player in-game to an authenticated reddit account on a subreddit of your choice.

Video showing what it does and how to use it: https://youtu.be/CQt82Ir6VRI


  • Subreddits provide rich and dynamic experiences, only enhanced by RedditCraft’s Minecraft integrations.

  • Your data is in good hands - everyone’s heard of reddit, as it’s a highly established forums provider.

  • Since RedditCraft hooks directly into your server, we can provide an ever growing set of complex Minecraft integrations. Future plans for in-game features include IP banning, notifications , posting, and more.

  • Users familiar with reddit will instantly know how to use your forum - no re-learning software for no real reason.

  • Subreddits bring most of what popular Minecraft forums providers bring already, and RedditCraft resolves an essential element they were lacking: fluent Minecraft integration.

  • Subreddits are highly customisable, and with their recent design upgrades, they’re at the forefront of web technology.

  • Freshness - make your server stand out with a unique, engaging forums experience!


  • Simple Authentication: RedditCraft provides a simple way for players to authenticate their reddit account in-game.

  • Advanced Flair Management: RedditCraft can automatically generate custom flairs for players’ reddit accounts, and set/remove them without a click.

  • Rich Admin Tools: RedditCraft provides a complete set of tools for admins to manage account authentication, flairs on accounts, and more.

  • PlaceholderAPI Placeholder Support: RedditCraft provides placeholders for players’ reddit account names.

  • Automation: RedditCraft tries its best to automate as much as possible for you!

Important Note

Due to the 60 request per minute rate limit for the Reddit API, if your server expects to have more than 30 players authenticating their reddit account per minute, it’s not recommended to use this plugin. Going beyond the rate limit will not block commands (this plugin runs commands on separate threads to not block the main thread), but they will become slow.

More Information

Please visit the plugin’s SpigotMC Page for more information on Dependencies, Usage, Configuration, Placeholders, Commands, and Future Developments.