[1.16.5+] Vane - Immersive and lore friendly enhancements for vanilla Minecraft


# Vane - Immersive and lore friendly enhancements for vanilla Minecraft

# Downloads

You can find downloads over at GitHub Releases.

# Description

For a comprehensive overview and explanation of all features, visit the online overview, and
visit our GitHub repository. Be sure to have a look at the installation section in the README at github before use!

Vane is a suite of plugins which provide many immersive and lore friendly extensions for vanilla minecraft. It runs on any papermc based server.

These plugins follow a strict no-nonsense rule:

  • If you dislike any feature, you can disable it individually.
  • Features must be lore friendly, properly integrated and unobstrusive
  • Additions should actually be useful
  • Augments the classic vanilla experience, and doesn’t try to replace it.

# Features

All features are modularized and can be disabled independently of each other.
If you don’t want a certain feature, simply disable it.

Quality of life (vane-trifles)

  • Walk faster on grass paths
  • Harvest finished crops by right-clicking (or by using a Sickle)
  • Double doors open simultaneously
  • Sort chests with redstone
  • Modify individual connections of walls, fences, etc. and easily modify stair shapes using the File
  • Store XP in bottles
  • Limit anvil repair cost to remove ‘too-expensive’
  • All recipes will be unlocked automatically when joining the server
  • Access to gigantic head library (>30000 heads) for decorative purposes, including in-game menu to search and acquire heads by category, tags or name.
  • Use the Portal Scrolls to get home or back to where you last used a scroll!
  • The Sickle allows you to harvest a small radius of finished crops. Similar to the hand-harvesting addition, this will drop only product and no seeds.
  • The File allows you to modify block individual connections of fences, walls, glass panes and blocks alike.
  • The Empty Experience Bottle allows you to bottle your experience (right click) for later use. Drinking the full bottle will grant you the stored experience.
    Storing experience will cost a small percentage of the bottled xp. It will also calculate in terms of experience and not levels.
  • The Portal Scroll (Home) will teleport you to your bed, but it only has a limited amount of uses!
  • The Portal Scroll (Unstable) will teleport you back to the location where you last used a portal scroll.
  • The Reinforced Elytra allows you to have armor and an Elytra.

Core features (vane-core)

  • Full localization support, currently provides english (default) and german.
  • Automatically generated resource pack will provide client side translations
  • Inaccessible commands will not be shown to players (sends “Unknown Command” instead)

Administrative (vane-admin)

  • The server can be automatically stopped after a specified duration without players.
    Using this together with vane-waterfall to start the server on demand will
    allow you to save server resources while nobody is online.
  • Slightly colorized chat message format for better readability
  • Convenience commands for time, weather, gamemode, spawn, …
  • Hazard protection against creeper/wither explosions, door breaking, …
  • Stylish world rebuilding after explosion hazards.
  • Whitelist for worlds in which the Wither may be spawned

Permissions (vane-permissions)

  • Builtin lightweight permissions plugin (permission groups, group inheritance, live editing).
    For better control, all default permissions are revoked and need to be added explicitly.
  • Players without any permissions cannot alter the world (just look, no touch!)
  • Verified players can vouch for new players with /vouch <player>, which will assign a configured group to the new player.

Multiplayer sleeping (vane-bedtime)

  • Skip night with 50% of players sleeping
  • Dynmap integration shows player beds

Custom enchantments (vane-enchantments)

  • Seamless integration of custom enchantments with the vanilla system
  • Wings: Occasionally boost your elytra mid-air by sneaking.
  • Soulbound: Soulbound items will be kept on death. Also prevents yeeting your best tool out of existence.
  • Rake: Tilling farmland again will till the nearest block around it. Use repeatedly on farmland to create a circle.
  • Careless: Tilling long grass will remove it and till the block below. Useful in combination with Rake to automatically till grass with long grass on top.
  • Seeding: Right click your crops to plant crops of the same type around them. Use multiple times to create a circle.
  • Takeoff: Double jump to start gliding with your elytra and receive a small boost.
  • Hell Bent: Don’t hurt your head when flying into a wall. Again.
  • Grappling Hook: Finally put that fishing rod to good use!
  • Leafchopper: Remove leaves instantly with your axe. Leaves will drop items as if they decayed naturally.
  • Angel: A legendary enchantment to accelerate your elytra while pressing shift! Gives a more natural feeling than using rockets. Elytra go brrrr! (Replaces Wings)
  • Unbreakable: Well… A legendary enchantment for truly unbreakable items. Extremely expensive. (Replaces Unbreaking and Mending)

Portals (vane-portals)

  • Build portals of arbitrary shape and orientation to get around easily (even horizontal!)
  • Correctly retains velocity of players, so you can fly through it
  • Apply different styles to portals so they fit your building style
  • Dynmap integration shows icons for global portals

Regions (vane-regions)

  • Players can buy a patch of land, and may control certain environmental conditions and player permissions for that area
  • Regions created by admins can be used to protect gobal areas (e.g. spawn).
  • Seamless integration into chest-like menus instead of commands.
  • Integrates with portals to allow only players witha the portal permission to operate portals in the region
  • Integrates with dynmap to make regions visible on the online map
  • Visual region selection indicator

Proxy plugin (vane-waterfall)

  • Authentication multiplexing: Grant players any amount of additional accounts (e.g. useful for secondary spectator accounts).
    This works by proxying logins from a different port and changing UUIDs.
  • Servers can be started automatically when a player tries to join.
  • ping command to check server ping as recieved by the proxy.
  • maintenance command to schedule maintenance times. While maintenance is active, players without a bypass permission can’t join servers.

pls at a video tutorial :grin: i cant get this running.
but it looks awesome an it has giant potential.

Thanks for the suggestion! As it is hard to provide up-to-date information in video form, I’ve written a comprehensive Installation Guide. Let me know if anything is still unclear. :smile:

got it :+1: awesome…thank u very much

Hi, great plugin, but I have a small problem, whenever I sleep (op or deop) I get
in the player chat.

I might just be a potato here, but can’t figure out why this happens.

That probably means that your client is missing the required resource-pack. The resource pack can be generated by executing /vane generate_resource_pack. This pack is necessary on all clients because translation for this plugin is done on the client-side not on the server (This allows different players to use different languages).

Have a look at (https://github.com/oddlama/vane/wiki/Installation-Guide beginning at point 5. for more info :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot! That worked perfectly, keep up the great work and thanks for the quick response! :smiley:

Me again, the unknown command message does not match the default command, I recommend changing it to match :smiley:
(top = vane) (bottom = vanilla)

Yeah sure I can queue it for the next release :smile:

Hey @oddlama,

I’m trying to use Vane in combination with a Spigot Plugin called Easy Flight. But it seems that the vane.permissions plugin cant detect the permissions of the plugin, at least my server output says that:

[20:18:29 WARN]: [vane-permissions] Use of unregistered permission 'easyflight.fly.others' might have unintended effects.
e[m> e[K[20:18:29 WARN]: [vane-permissions] Use of unregistered permission 'easyflight.fly' might have unintended effects.
e[m> e[K[20:18:29 WARN]: [vane-permissions] Use of unregistered permission 'easyflight.check' might have unintended effects.
e[m> e[K[20:18:29 WARN]: [vane-permissions] Use of unregistered permission 'easyflight.reload' might have unintended effects.
e[m> e[K[20:18:29 WARN]: [vane-permissions] Use of unregistered permission 'easyflight.everyone' might have unintended effects.

Has this to do with the vane.permission plugin, the Easy Flight Plugin or can I “fix” that with specify which plugin gets loaded first?



Hi @TechPanda, this message is merely a warning issued by vane-permissions, when it detects that a given permission has not been registered with the Server via the Bukkit API. So this is technically a bug within EasyFlight, but in reality it should still work. EasyFlight only ever checks for the permission but doesn’t define it explicitly at startup.

I chose to issue this warning in these cases, because when registering a permission, the plugin author has to define the default state for the permission. (i.e. does everyone have it by default, just OPs or even nobody?). Failing to register a permission means that the respective plugin author most probably forgot to think about the intended default state of a permission.

Regardless, vane only issues a warning in this case but still assigns the permission. So at this point I’d kindly ask you to check if the permission works anyway. If this is the case, you can disregard the warning, otherwise I’d have to further investigation, because then it would be a bug in vane.

Hey @oddlama,

the permissions seem to work, I was just a bit worried because of the warnings, that maybe there is something wrong at startup.

I’m very happy with your plugin so far, keep up the great work!

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I tried installing the plugin using the instructions on the website but I’m getting massive lag on my server, so much that I can’t play / interact with anything. The lag disappears when remove it. Anyone knows why?

Hi @thezla, I’m genuinely surprised to hear that. vane should not be able to impact performance in any significant way. Basically everything is purely event based and no amount of heavy processing is done in any of them.

I’d be glad if you could provide more information (other installed plugins, the server hardware used), because just from your symptom description it is unfortunately impossible to reason about the true problem.

If you really want to know what is causing the lag, you should create a timings report via papermc.(enter timings on in the console when you experience lag, wait for a minute, issue timings paste and view your report. If you don’t fully understand whats in there, you might want to open a new topic here on the forums).