[1.16.1] ChunkEditorAPI

This api lets you edit every single existing chunk in a world.

For example if you want to:

  • Find every chest in the world that was placed by a player
  • Remove certain blocks from your world
  • Clear your world from junk
  • etc.

You can limit how many parallel chunk calls the plugin should have, how many millis per tick
the plugin should take, where the progress notifications should be displayed and more.

You need to install this plugin on your server and add the dependency


to your plugin.yml




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Very nice! So it’s async?

As async as FAWE
So its a distributed workload. Some ppl call it async.
Its not…
But still. No TPS loss.

Distributing work over multiple ticks is the more correct description of the word async than using threads is.

You can have code that uses threads that is not asynchronous. You can have asynchronous code that does not use threads.

This community does not understand what async means and uses it incorrectly.

This plugin looks to be async but is not parallel/multi threaded (Which is a good thing! It looks like this plugin does this operation in a SAFE manner)