[1.15+] ThrowableFireballs

Allow players to throw fireballs by Right clicking with a Firecharge or custom item.

This plugin was Built for 1.16 ONLY but it may work on older versions. I can’t guarantee it will though.

Plugin OP: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/throwable-fireballs.59566/

NOTE: I will not be adding new features to the legacy version. I fully intend to keep this a purely up-to-date plugin!

As seen in Hypixel Bedwars and other Gamemodes!

My first Public Plugin!!! yay

A little showcase :wink:

Simple installation: drop into your Spigot / Bukkit plugins folder and restart the server!

Players with the permissions will be able to toss fireballs by Right clicking with a FireCharge in hand.

All messages can be customized in the config as of version 1.4.0

#                                                                  #
#                 Plugin by FlailoftheLord.                        #
#        -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                   #
#        For questions please join my discord server:              #
#                https://discord.gg/wuxW5PS                        #
#   ______               __        _____                           #
#   |       |           /  \         |        |                    #
#   |__     |          /____\        |        |                    #
#   |       |         /      \       |        |                    #
#   |       |_____   /        \    __|__      |______              #
#                                                                  #
# Wether the fireball does a natural, Ghast-Initiated explosion.
# NOTE: this will not cause as much knockback and may not cancel block damage.
# if set to true the below values will be ignored.
# if set to false, the plugin will use the below explosion settings
# for creating the explosion manually.
NaturalExplosion: false
# Set the Explosion Power of the Fireball on impact, set it to 0 to disable
FireballExplosionPower: 3
- "Chest"
- "trapped_chest"
- "ender_chest"
# This means that any block containing the word 'stone' in its' name will not be blown up.
- "stone"
# Set the amount of damage the fireball does to an entity or player.
# 1 = one heart
FireballDamage: 3.5
# Set wether the Fireball does fire on impact or not
FireballSetFire: true
# Whether you can throw a fireball from your offhand
AllowOffhandThrowing: true
# Should players be allowed to use regular fire charges like fireballs?
# Most likely won't work right now...
UseFirecharge: false
# Set the maximum number of blocks in height you can jump with a fireball
MaxJumpHeight: 8
# List of worlds where throwing fireballs is NOT allowed
- "world_the_end"
- "creative_world"
# Message sent if the world is a 'No-Throw-Zone'
NoThrowZoneMessage: "%prefix% &cYou're not allowed to throw fireballs in this world!"
#Plugin prefix for messages
# simply put the placeholder  %prefix% in the message, and it will be replaced by this prefix.
Prefix: "&8(&6Fireballs&8)"
ReloadMessage: |-
    %prefix% &aconfig file successfully reloaded,
     &amake sure to restart the server if changing the fireball recipe!
#Message to send to player if no permissions
NoPermissionMessage: "%prefix% &cYou do not have permission to use this"
# Whether to show cooldown Messages to player or not
CooldownMessageEnabled: true
#Cooldown Message this message is sent to player when above verbose: is set to true
# use the placeholder %cooldown% for the cooldown time in seconds
CooldownMessage: "%prefix% &cYou must wait %cooldown% seconds before throwing this"
# Cooldown between uses in seconds set to 0 to disable
Cooldown: 1
# Custom display name for the Fireball Item
FireballName: "&6Fireball"
# Heres the lore...
# add as many lines as you want!! :>
- "&7right click to throw"
- "&7grief extreme ;)"
# Heres the crafting recipe for the Fireballs!
# Set the AmountGiven to any number to set the amount of the item given when you craft it.
# Each line in the Pattern section is one row in the crafting table (3 x 3)
# Change the Letters to anything between 'A' and 'I' then define which material type each
# letter represents in the Materials section below
# You can get a full list of Item names here:
#    https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Material.html
# This will cause some items to not work in 1.12 and lower...
# It is recommended that you only use this plugin with version 1.13 +
# The plugin will give you a warning in the console if one of the items is invalid.
  AmountGiven: 3
      1: "ABA"
      2: "BCB"
      3: "ABA"
      A: "GUNPOWDER"
      C: "GHAST_TEAR"
      D: ""
      E: ""
      F: ""
      E: ""
      H: ""
      I: ""


/throwablefireballs (/fireballs)
    description: the main command
    usage: /fireballs [help / reload / updateconfig / get / give]
    permission: fireballs.op


    description: don't ever run outta them!
    default: op
    description: use administrative commands
    default: op
    description: throw ballz ;D
    default: true
    description: throw balz using commansz
    default: op
    description: bypass the cooldown
    default: op
 # Permissions
 #   fireballs.op
 #   fireballs.infinite
 #   fireballs.throw
 #   fireballs.commandthrow
 #   fireballs.bypass

On an additional Note: If you want to be able to rollback/undo fireball block damage use CoreProtect: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/coreprotect.8631/

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback,
Please feel free to pm. me on Discord at

Or Join my Support Server for faster responses

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600: Yeet!
700: WHoa!!
1000: YOINK! tyvm.
2000: EEYYYYY!!

This Plugin is open-source under the terms of the
GNU General Public License v3.0
And by downloading and using this plugin, you agree to the terms of this license.

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