1.15.2 TPS 100+ Players


I’ve been working on getting this server to be stable and it kind of is now, when we hit 150 players the TPS averages around 8-11 TPS (https://timings.aikar.co/?id=39422a30a8fe43bbb2b966b4dc1bd7d7#timings)

The server is currently running on a Intel Xeon E-2176G which is currently running at 4.2Ghz, the CPU usage never really goes above 60% and the other hardware stats are behaving fairly normal.

Would it work better on a CPU like the 9900K or a 10900K when it becomes readily available shortly?

We have tried optimising many settings and have generated the entire world 10000x10000 using Chunkmaster.

Any help would be amazing.

Yes, upgrade to better hardware. Next to that you can try Tuinity to see if it helps with performance. Its a fork of Paper designed to work with high player counts.

I’ll try out Tuinity and will let you know results.

The hardware upgrade will be a bit longer term.

Here are a few things you could do:

  1. Use purpur (a fork of tuinity)
  2. Lower the view distance in your server.properties file
  3. Remove/replace outdated plugins
  4. Download spark to monitor your server’s performance
  5. Download a plugin called ClearLag