1.15.2 running on low TPS

I am new to this forum, I hope it is the right category.

I am running a little community server since a few days. Sadly it reaches low TPS since day one. And I don´t know why. It is one of the lifetime Servers of zaphosting. It has 5.4GB Ram and 24 Slots. But the maximum players are like 10 or something.

I did actually read a few posts and changed spigot, bukkit and paper settings like the optimisation thread told me. But it is still laggy. Maybe you can help me?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Discord is usually a better place for questions like this but there’s a few easy things you can do.

Firstly you need to change your startup flags to use aikars, https://mcflags.emc.gs/
make sure you set your xms and xmx 1.5gb~ lower than your total system memory

You can also get rid of EntityTrackingFixer as its now redundant in Paper, FAWE can be a little dangerous too.

Not sure which optimisation guide you followed but if it wasn’t these one’s take a look:

Your timings seem to suggest is mainly chunk loading so if after all of this you’re still having issues you can try the experimental light optimisation build found here https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/pull/3506

Back up your world first though

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: Sadly I can´t change the startup flags, cause they are managed by zap-hosting. But I will try the other steps. Thank you :slight_smile: and I followed the first Link (Guide-server-optimization)

Thank you!

No problem, it’s worthing contacting your host though. The flags are really important and some times they’ll change them for you if you ask :slight_smile: