[1.13.2 - 1.16.5] Chunky Pregenerator

Pre-generates chunks, quickly, efficiently, and safely
A better alternative to WorldBorder fill and similar features in other plugins

- Start one or several chunk generation tasks at the same time (if you want to leverage your CPU more)
- Pause chunk generation tasks, saving them for later
- Shows detailed information such as chunks processed, percent to completion, ETA, chunk processing rate, etc

chunky.chunky Gives permission to all chunky commands

chunky start Starts a new chunk generation task
chunky pause Pauses the current chunk generation tasks, and saves progress
chunky continue Continues running current or saved chunk generation tasks
chunky cancel Stops the current chunk generation tasks, and cancels progress
chunky world Sets the currently selected world
chunky worldborder Automatically sets the center and radius based on the currently selected world
chunky center Sets the current center block location
chunky radius Sets the current radius
chunky shape Set the shape to generate
chunky pattern Set the generation pattern
chunky silent Toggle displaying update messages
chunky quiet Set the quiet interval in seconds for update messages

Generate chunks centered on 0,0 with a 1000 block radius in the overworld

chunky radius 1000
chunky start

Generate chunks centered on 100,-100 with a 5000 block radius in the nether

chunky center 100 -100
chunky radius 5000
chunky world world_nether
chunky start

Set a world border at 0, 0 with a 10000 block radius and generate chunks inside

minecraft:worldborder center 0 0
minecraft:worldborder set 20000
chunky worldborder
chunky start

You can download the plugin through Spigot or from CodeMC below.

Additional Links
Github View the source code or report an issue
Wiki Find up-to-date information about plugin features
Discord Visit the #chunky channel and ask questions
Donate Support the project if you’ve found it useful
bStats Check out some cool stats about the plugin
CodeMC Download the latest builds from this mirror


Glad to see Chunky being shared here! :heart:


Great plugin, big fan. Chonker!

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It works with spawning mobs and enemy mobs while i’m not on the server?
And how can i set this for only one chunk to loaded?

I think you misunderstood what this plugin does. It’s not a chunk loader. It just pre-generates your world so no players can cause generation to occur in the future.

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Yeah I think you have pre-generation confused with force loaded chunks :smile:

This command may be useful to you: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands/forceload

Ohh… and /forceload works for spawning mobs and enemy mobs, while im not on the server?

Do I need to pregenerate chunks every time I close and reopen a server? (assuming it’s the same map)

Nope. Once chunks are generated they should be saved (in the region folder of the world). It would kind of defeat the purpose if you had to do it again every time you started your server. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Understood. Thank you so much!

Coming from someone with pre-gen plugins, I can definitely confirm that Chunky is outstanding :slight_smile:

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Thanks, appreciate it! I don’t even consider it even close to finished yet either, so I hope to have some more neat updates coming up as soon as I have time for them. :grin:

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