[1.13-1.18+] GravityControl - Paper Sand Dupe Enabler. Bring Back Our Dupes!


Liberate your server from the anti-dupe bourgeoisie. Turn sand duping back on with PaperMC!

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Sand and other gravity block duplication (concrete powder, gravel, dragon egg, anvil) has been a staple of Minecraft for many years. However, the Paper developers have patched sand duplication and not provided a configuration. This plugin brings back the dupes.


  • Enable duping for each different block
  • Allow duping in some worlds but not others
  • Enable sand duping on Paper servers
  • 1.13-1.18+ servers. Complete cross-version compatible. No NMS or reflection!


Command Description Permission
/gcr Reload GravityControl Configuration gravitycontrol.reload


Default configuration below. Everything is explained with comments. If you have issues or need help, reply here.

# Worlds where gravity dupes will be allowed. Default "*" means all worlds.
  - "*"

# Blocks that you want to allow duping. Default all enabled.
  sand: true
  red-sand: true
  anvil: true
  dragon-egg: true
  gravel: true
  concrete-powder: true

Support / Discord / Contact

Please join discord invite: https://discord.gg/TNvq9y7esy for help. You may also reply here or make GitHub issue.

Version 1.1 Released

Bring back sand/end portal duping.


  • Improve code quality by removing static
  • Compile targeting Java 8 for more compatibility
  • Add bStats

Thank you!

I have made discord server to help people if they have issues with my plugin or want new feature! Join here:

Enjoy sand duping with PaperMC performance!

Link: https://discord.gg/TNvq9y7esy

Updated and tested for Paper 1.18. Enjoy sand duping on PaperMC servers!

Updated to version 1.2.0
Downloads: https://github.com/laymanuel/GravityControl/releases
Discord: https://discord.gg/TNvq9y7esy


  • use EnumSet for better block type checks
  • fix red sand config
  • improve gravity listener to use EnumSet and prevent possible double dupe at broken end portal angle
  • add automatic update checker